SAND (Science and non-duality) is a unique conference that blends hard science with quite a bit of mysticism. I’m already in trouble because the essence of non-dual philosophy is that mysticism and science are one and the same (whole) and not two things (dual). However the SAND community is a very inclusive crowd so being “in trouble” is really not something you’d worry about. It simply generates very interesting dinner table conversations. This spirit is very unlike hard science communities which can be very harsh on non-conformists new ideas. So at SAND you are perfectly free to put forward slightly nutty ideas (I certainly was) and also tell others you thing they are talking non-sense without any worry you will offend or generate bad Karma. The format has a random nature to it. Some talk titles are very descriptive and you get what it says on the tin but other talks are – as Forest Gump would say – a box of chocolates. You might see one of the driest talks of your life and you might open an entirely new vista on your thinking and thats just in the morning before lunch. I had a great time, gave my poster talk at least 80 times (sorry if you were the one on the stand next to mine) and met some really nice people I will form friendships with for the rest of my life.

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