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Is the human mind a computer or are we something more?  AI promises great things: Today, SIRI and driverless cars. Tomorrow, righting the worlds wrongs. But, what about creativity, consciousness and free will? Are computers going to compose music, write novels and build software? My book, Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? explores these questions in an accessible way without dodging any of the complex science. Click below to get a free copy of the central chapter about software. If you’re a computer programmer you can see if you are likely to have job security!

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You are Smarter than a Computer

“This is a fantastic book. It seams together cutting edge neuroscience, psychology, thought experiments, artificial intelligence/machine learning, mathematics and even some history!..” , PFJ H. Amazon

“…An excellent choice for both the newcomer looking for an introduction to the debate over artificial intelligence and a more sophisticated reader looking for a deep reassessment.”, Kirkus Review